Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Snow Woman character design process

This is a sketch of a Snow Woman Character design I've been working on. I'm still experimenting with her but thought I'd post my thoughts so far.
Her story is that she was born with the ability to turn anything she touches into ice. Her mother was frozen to death by this power when our snow woman was born. Ever since that day her father has kept her locked inside their mansion. Below I've included images of my design process and some photos I took to use as reference in designing her clothes.
I was trying to find a balance between making her beautiful and making her feel heavy. The snow woman hates her power, it keeps her from experiencing life. I noticed that pine trees in winter stand tall but are weighed down by the snow. I made her shoulders look like pine branches covered in snow to make her shoulders look heavy. I also frosted the bottom of her robe to look like a trunk buried in snow. I thought that texture would look interesting and help show she is buried by her power.

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