Thursday, July 23, 2015

Welcome Foolish Toon Mortals!

Jessica and Roger Rabbit recently got jobs at the Haunted Mansion. If these walls could talk... or laugh, as in laugh themselves to death!

Had to do this fan art after taking my sister on her first Doom Buggy ride (Only broke down twice!)

L.A./ Oregon Adventures Part 2: Seaweed Diet

Oregon Coast Aquarium!


Also on the Seaweed Diet. If I see weed I ...uh.......uh..... whoa man....
Saturday morning Hippie Harvest Festival.

Elk from my drive back and a view of the ocean where I stopped.

L.A./ Oregon Adventure Sketches Part 1

Went on a little vacation with my sister for 2 weeks and was sketching the whole time. Here are some of the highlights!


Oregon Landscapes

Having moved into a new house I went with my sister and her husband to store to get things they need for their house.

Next up: Animals and Hippies!

Barbarella Episode II: Chastity Strikes Back

Been a while since I've been to a figure drawing, here is Rachel Bailit as Barbie-Rella!