Friday, January 20, 2012

The Scorpion

Mercenary Lorraine "The Scorpion" Madison was paid good money to clear out the Native American village in order to make way for the new railroad. As the village burned to the ground only the village elder remained to see the blood soaked woman responsible for the carnage and came up with his revenge. Being a woman of inhuman skill, she would no longer be fully human. Using his magic the elder branded her with a scorpion tattoo made of scorpion venom. The Elder explained that the souls of the innocents would not be able to rest due to their brutal murder and would take the form of demonic animals. It would now be up to The Scorpion to defeat the animals and free their souls. If she does not break the curse in one year the tattoo will engulf her entire body and kill her. Will The Scorpion act to preserve her own life or will she learn to act for the salvation of the souls she scarred?

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